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Family surf lessons are a very popular activity, especially in the summer in Lahinch! It brings the family closer together by participating in an active outdoor pursuit.

It is never too late for parents to learn how to surf, and what a better way to learn than with your children! We run family surf group lessons on a daily basis, but require the children to be above 8 years old.

Families Surf Together

We run small group sizes with a maximum ratio of 6 students to 1 instructor. This is to ensure that everyone receives loads of personal attention from the instructors. Parents should also be aware that if you go on a lesson with your children, the instructors will remain in shallow water to ensure the safety of your children.

Side By Side Lessons

Another option would be for a parent (or two!) to go on an adult lesson and the children in a kids lesson, with the lessons being side-by-side each other. This could be more beneficial to the adults and children as they would be in surf groups closer to their age group and ability level.



3 July 2015
I took a surf lesson with my 6 year old son last week and we both loved it! We are complete beginners. Roisin on the desk was really helpful and answered all my newbie questions no problem. Our instructor was Dan and I couldn’t say enough positive things about him.
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