At Bens Surf Clinic we are always trying to be innovative in our coaching and are developing a new way of how we run our surf lessons.

We focus on specific skill sets:

  • Wave count (inc. board, hand, paddles, wave choice and take off positions)
  • Paddling out (board position, paddling stroke, reading waves and duck diving)
  • Riding green waves
  • Creating speed
  • Using a wave to its maximum
  • And much more

All our coaches are ISA Level 2 qualified. Ben himself is a Level 3 surf instructor with over 20 years coaching experience.



Surf lessons with a surfing genius

1 May 2011

…I recently took advanced surf lessons with Ben’s clinic – 4 lessons over a weekend. With 5 others (my partner incl) we spent over 9 hours in the water – going back to basics and looking at every aspect of catching waves.

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