Intermediate and Advanced Surf Lessons Ireland

Intermediate and Advanced Surf Lessons Ireland, Bens Surf Gallery


At Bens Surf Clinic we are always trying to be innovative in our coaching and are developing a new way of how we run our surf lessons.

We focus on specific skill sets:

  • Wave count (inc. board, hand, paddles, wave choice and take off positions)
  • Paddling out (board position, paddling stroke, reading waves and duck diving)
  • Riding green waves
  • Creating speed
  • Using a wave to its maximum
  • And much more

All our coaches are ISA Level 2 qualified. Ben himself is a Level 3 surf instructor with over 20 years of coaching experience. Video Analysis is available


For those really looking to develop their surfing faster, a Surf Clinic is for you
Course Includes
  • 4 Surf Lessons ( 2 hours each) (Sat x2, Sun x2)
  • Extended Water Time
  • Theory Class

This great weekend course will leave you with really solid basics, a good range of skills, you should be up and riding waves to the beach, and looking to do turns and even more….. Coaches work hard to show you ways to make surfing fun and easy, reducing the physical effort to help you harness and capture the power of the waves.

Ireland’s best advanced surf course with Lahinch’s best Surf School!

For over 25 years, Ben has developed a structured surf coaching system, which allows people to develop their surf ability throughout their surfing lifetime. Through step-by-step coaching clinics and a clear skill development ladder your surfing can reach new heights.

The foundation for all surfing is your basics, and this is what we focus on in a beginners/ improver courses. If you have most of these skills down check out our intermediate surf course for the next stage.

Experience the exhilaration of the Atlantic under your feet and go home with a clear view on how to develop your surfing