Kids Teen Surf Lessons & Camps Ireland

All surf equipment, coaching, changing and shower facilities are included. We have experienced, qualified and really motivated surf instructors to guide them through the waves. Safety is our number one priority so we work in small groups (Max 8) of roughly the same age group. This allows loads of attention and progress to each individual child.

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Our surf lessons are for two hours in the water, with lots of waves to catch.

We believe in encouraging children to learn the right way, right from the start, which means a greater chance of them continuing to surf for life. We ensure every child does well through a very specific structured surf teaching process based mainly in the water.

We intertwine fun surf games and surf skill learning to keep everyone smiling and having fun, while also building confidence in their surfing. Once they are successful all they will want is more and more time in the water.

  • Our children surf lessons start from 8 years upwards. It’s a great age to start to surf and build confidence in the water!
  • Teen surf lessons (12-18 yrs), aim to introduce and progress surfing to teens.

For both beginners and more advanced we bring their surfing to the next level. Always giving them new challenges and targets to reach to keep their interest.

Kids & Teen Camp

Over the school holidays surf camps run Monday to Friday with a surf lesson per day.

Lessons are progressive so the child’s surfing develops over the week. Children start with foam boards in easy waves and move towards bigger waves and different boards as well as learning to ride waves, do turns and understand the sea.

In our small groups safety is high and so is interaction with the coach, who offers loads of encouragement and fun surf exercises to develop their surf skills.

Surf camps are structured so that children learn something new every day through surf games and drills, which develop their surfing knowledge while having loads of fun in a safe environment. Kids camps are suitable for ages 8-12 yrs while Teen camps are for 12 to 18yrs old.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we are unable to take children aged 5- 7  as they need a more hands on attention and with social distancing rules we are unable to do this. Please contact us for options such as rentals and body boarding supervised by parents as we believe it’s a great age to start experiencing the water.

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