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To get the right course you need to know your surfing level, there can often be confusion about what a beginner surfer is, along with an improver or intermediate surfer. With that in mind, we at Bens Surf Clinic have created an award scheme based along the lines of the BSA Award Scheme (as there is no Irish Scheme).

This will ensure that you know what level you are at and will also help you set goals to improve your surfing as quickly as possible. We are the only surf school in Ireland to use a structured system like this.

We created this system based on our clients’ feedback and feedback from other surf schools such as, Surf School Lanzarote (our foreign trip partner school).

These are the levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these are divided into three grades (standards you may be used to are in brackets).

Everyone who completes a weekend surf course, week long course or a number of coaching sessions will be given a certificate with their level. It’s a great way to focus your goals and improve your surfing. So check out where you are right now. And ask us to help you move to the next level or book a surf course today.

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Bronze Level
  1. Riding lying down (Beginner).
  2. Riding white water “under control” for longer than 5 seconds (Beginner).
  3. Dropping down an unbroken wave and carrying on the ride under control (Improver)
Silver Level
  1. Riding across an unbroken wave (Improver).
  2. Riding across the unbroken wave and making basic turns (Improver).
  3. Hitting the top and bottom of the wave while creating speed (Intermediate)
Gold Level
  1. Easy cuts backs, creating speed, taking off at peak, moving around waves (Intermediate).
  2. Late take offs, creating spray, re-entries (Advanced).
  3. Executing advanced manoeuvres on the wave. For example, cutbacks, off the lips, nose rides, etc (Advanced)